UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers on Enduring Values at UAF!

The Women's Center has been a staging ground for preparation and celebration on the issues Chancellor Rogers addresses in the opening of his Convocation 2009 address. The UAF GSA (Gay Straight Alliance - meetings in the Women's Center Mondays at 5:00 pm ) has been hard at work to promote love and understanding in place of hate and derision. We thank Chancellor Rogers for his understanding and support!


Restorative Justice

Wednesday September 16, 7PM
Wood Center Ballroom, UAF Campus

Linda Biehl speaks about her daughter Amy, who was a Fulbright Scholar studying the role of women and gender rights during South Africa's transition from it's apartheid regime to a free multiracial democracy. Amy was killed in an act of political violence in South Africa in 1993. Linda Biehl's message is one of peace and reconciliation-using the very personal example of how she built a relationship with two of her daughter's killers. The men are now social activists in their community, working for the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust. The foundation embraces restorative rather than retributive justice, and works to fulfill the South African Constitution: the rights to education, equal employment, and health.

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