Recording of Dame Julia Morton-Marr Keynote

On Friday, March 6, 2009, Dame Julia Morton-Marr connected with us, LIVE online from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The recording of Julia's presentation is available at the following URL. (The recording is a large file, so may take a long time to open if you have a slow internet connection.)


Julia spoke about the history of women's peace, justice, environmental, and global sustainability work, as well as initiatives that we can join today!

Last year Julia spoke on March 12, 2008, for the National Bank of Australia’s International Women’s Day event in Kadina, South Australia. This International Women's Day address is a MUST LISTEN audio recording packed with essential history, research, information, and calls to action, along with detailed how-tos for setting up Peace Gardens. http://ihtec.podbean.com/international-womens-day/

In addition to these recording above, check out the links below to Julia's work, and to the information and projects she shared during both of the above International Women's Day addresses:

International Holistic Tourism Education Centre - IHTEC http://www.ihtec.org/
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace http://www.vowpeace.org/
Science for Peace http://www.scienceforpeace.ca/
PeaceWomen Across the Globe http://www.1000peacewomen.org/

AND, for those interested in the upcoming World Water Day, March 22nd 2009, http://www.worldwaterday.org/ check out the SUPER resources below.

Global Issues Project - Papers from 2008 Roundtable on Water

United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development - Humanity 4.0: Special Edition on Water


The Susan Butcher Institute and Summer Sessions hosted a "Conversation with Dorothy Hamill" Friday March 6, 2009. Dorothy Hamill discussed what it took to follow her dream, spoke about her life, and answered questions from the audience.


International Women's WEEK Documentary

The documentary Lumo will be shown during International Women's WEEK at UAF (one day is not enough for International Women's issues and observances)!

Lumo showing:
Tuesday, March 3rd at 5:30 pm
Alumni Lounge
Constitution Hall
UAF Campus

See a trailer for the documentary, below, and see you at the showing here at UAF on March 5th at 5:30 pm in the Alumni Lounge.

About the documentary: Africa's agonies are presently being deeply etched on the bodies of women. In eastern Congo on the Rwandan border, vying militias, armies and bandits use rape as a weapon of terror. Lumo Sinai was just over 20 when marauding soldiers attacked her. A fistula, a medical condition common among victims of violent rape, rendered Lumo incontinent and threatens her ability to bear children. Lumo's story is told in this documentary, which is tragic in its cruelties but also inspiring for the struggle Lumo wages and the dignity she displays. With the help of an extraordinary African hospital, she struggles to overcome shame, fear and the affliction that threatens to rob her of a normal life.

Living History Museum

There will be a living history museum in the Wood Center Multi-level Lounge. It will run on Tuesday, March 3rd from noon until 2pm.


Women's Talking Circle

The Women's Talking Circle will be meeting in the Gathering Room of Brooks Building the second and fourth Thursday of the month starting promptly at 5:30pm. The talking circle is a safe and welcoming place for all participants to INSPIRE, CELEBRATE, EMPOWER, and HONOR each other as women.

The circle is built upon trust, respect, and support for all
UAF women. For more information please contact fyrss@uaf.edu or call 474-7871.


Magdalen Hsu-Li

Magdalen Hsu-Li gave a SMASHING performance here at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in November 08. Check out the animated video clip (above) of one of Magdalen's songs. Check out Magdalen's website for more songs, her artwork, and her tour schedule.


Irina Rivkin

This is Irina Rivkin (on the right) treating the audience to Glass Houses during her Alaska Tour in Fall of 2008.