Gender & Sexuality Books & Videos a quarter or 50 cents at Rasmuson Library

The Gendered Object
Donated books available for 25 or 50 cents @ Rasmuson Library
Rasmuson Library is processing a donation of books and videos, most of which involve gender issues, sexual orientation, and the media. The library already owns most of the books, thus many are going directly into the Library's on-going library booksale. Costs are 25 cents for paperbacks, 50 cents for hardbacks and videos. Proceeds go to buy more library books. If you are interested, please come check the library sale shelves soon. Most of these books are from the 1990s or early 2000s but are still relevant in their treatment of culture and gender issues.


Really FREE Market May 19th @ UAF

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Hope you make it to the Really Free Market 
- Saturday, May 19th - UAF Campus, in the parking lot next to Lola Tilly Commons. 
Drop off clean, safe items from 8 - 10 a.m. 
Come by from 10 a.m. to noon to take what you need.
Enjoy music by the Really Free Jam Band from 9 a.m. (during item drop off and anticipatory wait for the Market to open at 10 am, and as you browse for treasures). The Really FREE Market closes at noon (or earlier if goods are gone before noon). Come early, get a good spot at the entry gate where you can catch up with friends and/or listen to the band until it is time to browse :-)
By sharing we sustain each other and our community.


Exciting Fall 2012 offerings from WGS

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Are you looking for interesting courses for Fall 2012? The Women's and Gender Studies Department is offering these wonderful courses. 

76979 WGS F202 T01 History of Women in America
A chronological approach to the history of women in America. Introduction to major issues of concern to historians of women, as well as different approaches used in analysis of women's past. Consideration of multiracial backgrounds of American women. Cross-listed with HIST F202. (3+0)

77833 WGS F331 FE1 Women's Voice in Japanese Lit 

Selected novels, short stories, poems and diaries by Japanese women from the tenth century to the present which reveal the personal, social, aesthetic and intellectual concerns of women in different periods of Japanese history. Focus on the changing role of women in Japanese society, the role of women writers as social critics, and cross-cultural differences and similarities in women's issues. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or F213X or permission of instructor; ENGL/FL F200X. Recommended: HIST F121, F122 or F331. Cross-listed with JPN F331. (3+0)

76356 WGS F333 F01 Women's Literature
 Reading, discussing and analyzing literary works dealing with the social, cultural and political implications of patriarchal structures and traditions from the perspective of feminist theory and criticism. Focus may be on a particular theme, period or genre, but readings will include both primary and secondary texts. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X. Recommended: ENGL F211X. Cross-listed with ENGL F333. (3+0)

76357 WGS F351 FE1 Gender and Communication
Basic socialization differences exist in the communication practices of women and men in every culture, resulting in differing cultural constructions of male and female gender. Those differences are addressed in interpersonal, organizational and cultural contexts. Explores cultural female/male dichotomy as well as individual similarities. Prerequisites: Any lower-division communication course or permission of instructor. Cross-listed with COMM F351. (3+0)

76358 WGS F380 F01 Women, Minorities & the Media
Examination of how women and minorities are portrayed in the mass media, the employment of women and minorities in the media, and how accurately the media reflects our society demographically. Presented from a feminist, multi-culturalist perspective using a broad feminist analysis encompassing issues of gender as well as class, race, age and sexual orientation. Prerequisites: COMM F131X or COMM F141X; junior standing. Cross-listed with JRN F380. (3+0)

77261 WGS F410 FE1 Women in Music History
 Lives and works of female musicians, composers and performers will be traced from the earliest days of the ancient and mythological through the medieval, Baroque Classical, and Romantic periods with special emphasis on composers of the 20th century. Prerequisites: ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X; junior standing or permission of instructor. Cross-listed with: MUS F410. (3+0)

79505 WGS F493 F01 Northern Masculinities
 An integration of social science perspectives on masculinities that manifest in the circumpo-lar North. Fun instructor, fascinating topic, interesting readings, cool class project, and no exams. What could be better?

Great summer courses in Womens and Gender Studies!

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If you are thinking about taking classes this summer at UAF, consider these exciting options from the Women's and Gender Studies Program. 

CRN 51328  WGS F335   F61    Gender and Crime
An exploration of gender and crime including the extent of female crime, victimization, masculinity and violence, and women professionals in the justice system. Prerequisites: JUST F110; ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X or permission of instructor; junior standing. Cross-listed with WGS F335. (3+0)

CRN 51613  WGS F395   F61    Social Perspectives on Sexuality
This course integrates perspectives on sexuality from women's and gender studies, sociology, and history. We will apply concepts from sociology and women's and gender studies to examine key issues of sexuality in American history, 1600-present.

Ouch, that stereotype hurts

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WHAT: Ouch, that stereotype hurts! 
a presentation by Sherry Hatcher
brought to you by UAF Diversity and Equal Opportunity
WHEN: Tuesday, May 15 10-11am 
WHERE: Globe Room, 215 Elvey Building
Please join us on Tues, May 15 in the Globe Room from 10 - 11 am to hear Sherry L Hatcher speak on "Ouch, that stereotype hurts!"

"Ouch, that stereotype hurts!" concerns the complications of communicating in today's diverse workplace. Whether you are a supervisor, project manager, faculty, or staff, communicating respectfully is a "must" to be successful in your job.  Biased, stereotypical or otherwise poor communication undermines morale, teamwork, and productivity.  In this training you will learn the skills to enhance your effectiveness and influence by choosing to communicate in a bias-free, inclusive way.

Ms. Sherry Hatcher joined the Johnson Space Center Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity team in July, 2008. She has an extensive EEO background, serving as an EEO Specialist in the Civil Rights Regional Office for the USDA Forest Service, EEO Director, United States Army Alaska, and EEO Specialist Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Sherry began her EEO career as a collateral duty counselor and trainer while working as a training coordinator for the Army. Ms. Hatcher currently serves as the Complaints Manager at JSC.
Ms. Hatcher claims Texas as home, but has lived most of her adult life throughout the U.S. and overseas. She began her federal service as a DoDDS teacher in Misawa Japan and has held positions in Omaha, Nebraska, Crete, Greece, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Dayton, Ohio and Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska.

Ms. Hatcher graduated from North Texas State University with a B.S. in Education and attended Graduate school at Texas Women's University in Denton, TX. She taught gifted and talented education before entering the federal service.