International Women's WEEK Documentary

The documentary Lumo will be shown during International Women's WEEK at UAF (one day is not enough for International Women's issues and observances)!

Lumo showing:
Tuesday, March 3rd at 5:30 pm
Alumni Lounge
Constitution Hall
UAF Campus

See a trailer for the documentary, below, and see you at the showing here at UAF on March 5th at 5:30 pm in the Alumni Lounge.

About the documentary: Africa's agonies are presently being deeply etched on the bodies of women. In eastern Congo on the Rwandan border, vying militias, armies and bandits use rape as a weapon of terror. Lumo Sinai was just over 20 when marauding soldiers attacked her. A fistula, a medical condition common among victims of violent rape, rendered Lumo incontinent and threatens her ability to bear children. Lumo's story is told in this documentary, which is tragic in its cruelties but also inspiring for the struggle Lumo wages and the dignity she displays. With the help of an extraordinary African hospital, she struggles to overcome shame, fear and the affliction that threatens to rob her of a normal life.

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