Writing Women Back into History

Thursday, March 4, 1:00-2:00pm
Alumni Lounge

How do you go about finding the “anonymous” women in history?
Join History professor, Dr. Carol Gold, for engaging and entertaining descriptions of her work writing women back into history. Dr. Gold searched historic archives to find out about women’s lives in pre-industrial urban Copenhagen. Some questions her research uncovered:
What is the story of Mrs. Berling, who ran a newspaper as well as a brewery for 15 years, and was accused of watering down her beer?

How did widow C.J. Black come to own three warehouses in downtown Copenhagen, and to advertise widely about ships' cargo she had for sale?

Why did Gunnel Marie travel for 15 years with her journeyman Tobias, yet never get married?

Explore these questions and more, with Dr. Carol Gold.

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  1. I won't miss this one! Dr. Gold rocks.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed Carol Gold's talk. I want to know more about the stories! I don't see how historians do their work. I need endings, conclusions, finality. Gold's talk left me wanting more, more, more! A historical novel, perhaps, that tells what happens to CJ Black...