Actress/Author Geri Jewell to Visit UAF

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Famous for her role on 'The Facts of Life,' Geri Jewell has written an inspiring memoir, ‘I'm Walking As Straight As I Can’. The title refers both to the struggles growing up with cerebral palsy and her sexuality. This candid memoir details her rise to stardom as a stand‐up comic and becoming the first person with a disability to act in a recurring prime‐time television role. Her journey takes her from the Comedy Store to the White House, followed by a downward spiral that almost ended her life. Through her tears and triumphs, she is transformed into a shining symbol of hope for anyone who dares to follow their dreams.

Welcome Reception
Tuesday, December 6
2:30 pm
Alumni Lounge

Presentation and Book Signing
Tuesday, December 6
3:30 pm 
Wood Center, Multi-Level Lounge

These events are sponsored by the Fairbanks Resource Agency and are presented at UAF in part by the following departments: UAF Communications Department, UAF Disability Services, UAF Women's Center, UAF Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity, and UAF Theater.

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  1. Have fun in Alaska...Stay warm( If thats possible in that state) Love ya!!! from, Darren Quello <3 <3 <3