Great summer courses in Womens and Gender Studies!

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If you are thinking about taking classes this summer at UAF, consider these exciting options from the Women's and Gender Studies Program. 

CRN 51328  WGS F335   F61    Gender and Crime
An exploration of gender and crime including the extent of female crime, victimization, masculinity and violence, and women professionals in the justice system. Prerequisites: JUST F110; ENGL F111X; ENGL F211X or ENGL F213X or permission of instructor; junior standing. Cross-listed with WGS F335. (3+0)

CRN 51613  WGS F395   F61    Social Perspectives on Sexuality
This course integrates perspectives on sexuality from women's and gender studies, sociology, and history. We will apply concepts from sociology and women's and gender studies to examine key issues of sexuality in American history, 1600-present.

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