Strike * Docudrama & Discussion * Tue Dec 2nd 6:30PM

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Join us for our "Docs with the WoC" Fall Finale 

Strike (a docudrama about the founding of Solidarity)
Tuesday, December 2nd 6:30PM
Arctic Java Coffeehouse, UAF Wood Center

This tense and triumphant docudrama about the founding of Solidarity follows the life of Agnieszka Kowalska, the female crane operator who helped to radicalize the Polish labor movement. In these times when "solidarity" seems so essential, this film provides us an opportunity to reflect on the possibilities and promise of solidarity.

See this spectacular series of scenes set to the soundtrack from "Strike" for a glimpse into the experience awaiting you at our Docs with the WoC Fall Finale.

Docs with the WoC is a series of documentary films about women, brought to you by the UAF Women's Center.

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