F-Word Dialogues * Thursday, March 12th 1:00pm

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Join us in the UAF Women's Center (Room 130 Wood Center) Thursday March 12th from 1-2pm for a conversation about controversial words that begin with the letter F, such as: feminist, f*ck, Facebook, fat, FWBs, femme, faggot . . .

Any F words that you would like to add to the list? 

Speaking of F words, how about Full Figured? Leonard Nimoy's Full Body Project photo shoot from 2007 challenged modern standards of beauty with engaging photos of women of all shapes and sizes who clearly love their curves. The Full Body Project might facilitate further thinking on F word choices like fat / full figured. (Be aware that the Full Body Project includes nudity. You might want to consider which venues you choose for viewing the Pull Body Project)

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