Go to Bat for Girls in Sports

Today is National Women and Girls in Sports Day -- the perfect time to go to bat to achieve equity for girls and women in sports!

Title IX, the law that prohibits sex discrimination in educational programs which receive federal funding assistance, has made great strides in breaking through barriers for female athletes. But today, 40 years later, there is still work to be done -- particularly at the high school level.  High school girls continue to face discrimination in scheduling, equipment, facilities and overall participation opportunities.

Better information can help high schools enhance compliance with Title IX and aid in fostering the continued expansion of athletic opportunities. Unlike colleges, high schools are not currently required to disclose any data on equity in sports, making it difficult for high schools and the communities they serve to assess their compliance with Title IX and the status of girls' access to athletic opportunities. The High School Athletics Accountability Act (H.R. 458) would address this gap, requiring high schools to report basic data on the number of female and male students in their athletic programs and the expenditures made for their sports teams.
Take Action!
Urge your Representative to cosponsor and support the 
High School Athletics Accountability Act of 2011 
(H.R. 458)

To send a message asking your senators to cosponsor the bill to reauthorize VAWA, visit AAUW Two-Minute Activist ( Enter your Zip Code to access the Two-Minute Activist site to send a message.
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