Women Faculty Brown Bag Discussion

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WHAT: Women Faculty Brown Bag Discussion
WHEN: Thursday, March 22 1:00pm-2:00pm
WHERE: Gruening 306 or on eLive

The topic of this month's Women Faculty Brown Bag Discussion will be "Career Development". This will be a facilitated discussion with Dr. Susan Henrichs, Provost. All faculty are welcome.

For those who wish to join us on eLive, these step-by-step directions might be helpful if you have questions or issues.
The https://elive.uaf.edu/join_meeting.html?meetingId=1233801250389 link is a log-in page to the Women’s Center eLive room which is a continuing “open” session which has been open from Feb 5, 2012 and which will be open through Feb 5, 2013. Ignore these dates, they are of no consequence.

To get into the Women’s Center eLive room, from that opening screen, one needs to:

      · enter an email address and
      · enter a display name (name that will indicate who they are in the participants list)
      · click on the Log In button in the lower right corner of the screen
      · An “Opening Meeting” dialog box should come up, from which the default “Open with Java…” radio button should be checked, and finally the OK button clicked.

Depending upon whether one has the required Java program on their computer, one might need to click a download and “OPEN” dialog box, and potentially a “connection speed” dialog box as well. The eLive room should finally be in by that point.  A few “hoops” to jump through to get in, but hopefully worth it for those who couldn’t attend if not for the “distance” connection.

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