October Highlights in
U.S. Women’s History

·         October 3, 1904 - Mary McLeod Bethune opens her first school for African-American students in Daytona Beach, Florida 

·         October 4, 1976 - Barbara Walters becomes the first woman co-anchor of the evening news at ABC

·         October 4, 1993 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg joins the U.S. Supreme Court as its 2nd woman Justice

·         October 8, 1993 - Toni Morrison becomes the first African American woman to win the
Nobel Prize for Literature 

·         October 10, 1983 - Dr. Barbara McClintock receives the Nobel Prize for Medicine for her discovery in genetics about mobile genetic elements 

·         October 11, 1984 - Dr. Kathryn D. Sullivan is the first U.S. woman astronaut to "walk" in space during Challenger flight 

·         October 15, 1948 - Dr. Frances L. Willoughby is the first woman doctor in the regular U.S. Navy 

·         October 16, 1916 - Margaret Sanger opens the U.S.'s first birth control clinic in
Brooklyn, New York 

·         October 23, 1910 - Blanche Stuart Scott is the first American woman pilot to make a public flight 

·         October 24, 1956 - Reverend Margaret Towner is the first woman ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church 

·         October 28, 1958 - Mary Roebling is the first woman director of a stock exchange at the American Stock Exchange

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