Nickel and Dimed Theatre Production Dialogue

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You are invited to attend a FREE panel discussion about UAF Theatre and Film's presentation of Nickel and Dimed. 

Who are the "working poor" in Fairbanks?
What effect does the minimum wage have on my life?
Why should I care about what wages other people are paid?

Come to the Lee H. Salisbury Theatre
Sunday, October 27th at 4pm
to "talk-back" with the following professionals:
Sociology Professor - Sine Anahita 
Academic Advisor - Dana Kinzy
Director of the Food Bank - Sam Kirstien
Psychology Professor - Cecile Lardon
School of Management Professor - Wendy Tisland
and other members of the audience
(you do not have to attend the show to Join the Dialogue!)
If you are coming to the show, it starts at 2:00pm

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